Doa is more than a brand for sustainable and ethical goods – we offer an invitation to engage in better consumer choices and an involvement in our journey. Doa’s strives to implement more sustainable practices at every stage of the supply chain. We take an honest approach, acknowledging that becoming a sustainable brand is a continuous journey.


Our CEO and founder Katie created Studio Doa with the desire to change the unethical nature of the fashion industry. All those in partnership with Doa are united through their desire to protect our natural world and have a positive impact throughout.

Our Environmental Beliefs

We need a fashion industry with zero waste

Climate change is real

The ethical decisions we take now will have a real-time effect on our natural world


Working directly with our artisan friends, ensuring living wage + 10% and respectful conditions, Studio Doa truly believes that environmental sustainability is impossible without social sustainability.Working with Team Pankaj throughout covid's restrictions in Nairobi– a charity donating essential supplies to the inhabitants of Kenya's informal settlements – Studio Doa ensures that our successes are shared with our artisan friends and entire communities across Kenya.

Our Social Beliefs

Social sustainability is the foundation of environmental sustainability

Social sustainability has no room for fast fashion

Social sustainability includes the preservation of traditional skills, which are vital for individual empowerment


At Studio Doa we are proud of our efforts to minimalise our carbon footprint without sacrificing product quality, and the transparency we afford our customers through the provision of Nula Carbon.

Our Economic Beliefs

Economic sustainability is the foundation of social sustainability

Ethical jewellery should not cost the Earth