Care and Warranty

Doa Jewellery

To get the best out of your jewellery avoid wearing it in the bath, shower or swimming pool, as the water can cause it to discolour. Please be careful to avoid contact with make-up, perfume, and sun creams, as this can cause the jewellery to tarnish.

For the brass pieces of jewellery, simply clean with a soft cloth or brush after being submerged in warm water with lemon juice and washing powder. For the silver pieces, use a soft cloth to firmly rub a small amount of toothpaste onto the surface of them. Polish for a few seconds until all tarnish is removed and the piece is shining bright again.

 Doa clothing

Doa makes all its clothes from offcut materials meaning each piece is often unique, therefore we recommend handwashing or dry cleaning the garments. The Viva dress, made with real cow bone, should not be exposed to heat. Avoid leaving the clothes in direct sunlight as the natural dyes may lose colour.